Photo: Szöllősi Mátyás

We give you our best advice and insights in cultural policy, urban development, and in finding French and international best practices.

Our 20 years experience in managing a wide variety of cultural events and 10 years in boosting international tourism allow us to support your work in an authentic and progressive way in the following areas:
- tourism development
- cultural and cultural policy consultancy
- strategic planning
- benchmarking
- research and adaptation of French and  international best practices
- cultural urban development
- consultancy
- mediation between local management, the service sector and residents
- international event organisation



Festipay is one of Europe’s largest integrated event management solutions providers. Its innovations in venue access and cashless payments have been in use by some of the largest live events across the continent including Hungary, Romania, Croatia, France, Italy and Georgia.
Festipay’s services cover ticketing, access control, cashless payments, accreditation and credential management, staff management, smartphone applications and mobile payments. The company is also providing integrated solutions to manage crowds and increase on-site spending via brand promotion and brand activation.
Cévènnements represents Festipay in Francophone countries.



Ability Park is a thematic amusement park created to familiarize us with disabilities in an interactive and entertaining fashion, that facilitates social inclusion. The idea behind this enterprise is to shift social attitude and offer a meaningful and pleasant experience through games led by people with disabilities to all the visitors who wish to play, have a good time and test their abilities. Ability Park has received several national and international awards. It is a tourism attraction offering a meaningful and pleasant experience through its permanent games (blind labyrinth, wheelchair labyrinth, sign-post, Wonder Town) and other games of logic and dexterity, workshops and information.
Cévènnements represents Ability Park in Francophone countries.